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Information about completing and lodging a Grounds of Objection Statement

Ryman Development Objections To VCAT Due by 30 September 2020. Please note that VCAT will accept late Statements of Grounds.

Please note that VCAT will accept late Statements of Grounds.

Reference: P1362/2020

To complete your ‘statement of grounds’ to object:

1. Download the PDF ‘Statement of Grounds’ form here

If you objected to council but did not receive the email with attachments, email us on
or register directly here:

2. Check the boxes- you will either be ‘A person who objected to the original application to the council’ or not. Fill in your details.

You can still object now, even if it’s the first time!

You can appear at the online conference if you choose. You do not need to be an expert, or bring one, anyone has the right to speak. There is a fee of $20.70 to speak at the conference. You can pay by phone.

3. Fill in your grounds for objection.

You can use headings to describe your objections, or the full text from your council objection. Some examples are here: I object on Planning Merits. I object on Traffic Merits. I object on Environmental Merits. I object on Neighbourhood Character Merits. I object on Social Impact and Privacy Merits. I object on Heritage Merits.

You can use the text from your council objection in this section if you wish. Email us for detailed grounds.

You must send your ‘grounds for objection’ form to VCAT: 

AND to 

AND Minter Ellison, Ryman’s solicitors:

Questions? Email us on

[Updated 21 September 2020]