Areas of Mediation

Mediation can be useful in any area of life where conflict can occur. Some of the areas in which I have successfully conducted mediation are:

  • disputes between neighbours
  • disputes within a family (nuclear or extended) (other than Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) under the Family Law Act)
  • Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) to reach agreement on where their children live and what responsibilities the parents will take on to address the best interests of their children
  • Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) to reach agreement on property division
  • mediation for couples who are still together, want to stay together and want to resolve issues between them (this is different from couples counselling)
  • disputes involving older people (Elder Mediation), including between an older person and their adult child(ren) or between an older person and their carer or age-care provider
  • disputes within a workplace, either between employees or between an employee and a manager or management generally
  • disputes within a workplace team
  • business disputes within an organisation, including not-for-profit organisations
  • business disputes between organisations
  • disputes between a professional (e.g. a healthcare provider or builder) and a patient/client/customer

The Mediation Process

Rules of Mediation

Parenting Family Dispute Resolution

Property Family Dispute Resolution

During the Mediation

About the mediator – Daan Spijer