Why Mediation

Mediation offers conflicting parties a path through an impasse and an opportunity to avoid expensive court proceedings, with the inherent risk of a total loss. Taking a matter to court can also take a long time – sometimes more than a year.

Mediation allows both parties to remain in charge; to choose their own terms and to reach an agreement that they both can live with. Mediation often results in novel solutions Taking a matter to court may result in a judge’s decision which neither party is happy with.

There are many areas of life where mediation can be of assistance – click here for examples.

Daan Spijer, lawyer and mediator, offers his expertise and experience to assist conflicting parties to reach an accommodation.

Confidentiality is an inherent part of the mediation process. The parties can discuss possible solutions without being bound by these until an agreement is reached.

To discuss mediation with Daan or to arrange a mediation:

T: 0409 952 403
E: daan.spijer@gmail.com
P: PO Box 909, Mount Eliza, Victoria 3930

Areas of Mediation

The Mediation Process

Rules of Mediation

Parenting Family Dispute Resolution

Property Family Dispute Resolution

During the Mediation

About the mediator – Daan Spijer